Kitchen Remodeling Costs

November 4, 2009

As someone who has done this a couple of times before, kitchen remodeling doesn’t come cheap.  Although there are many variables that can affect the cost of remodeling, you will definitely have to spend a good chunk of money.  That said, there is the cheap way of kitchen remodeling, and there is the expensive way.

Cheap Kitchen Remodeling

If you really want to save yourself some money, you are going to have to do most of the work yourself.  Although this may seem like a scary endeavor, many things actually aren’t as hard as they seem.  You can get a good kitchen remodeling book that will show you step-by-step how to do all kinds of things.  Even large jobs that you don’t think you can manage can usually be done in a few days.  If you can find a friend or neighbor with experience in what you are trying to do, have him/her come over and give you a few pointers.  They might even help you do the work!

Because labor is so expensive in many places, you can usually save at least 50% of the cost of  a kitchen remodeling if you do most of the work yourself.  It isn’t anywhere near as hard as building a new home, after all.


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October 20, 2009

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